Welcome to the Estridge Design Studio
Your home should be different. It should match your style. It should fit your needs. Ensuring your Estridge home does all of that begins at the Estridge Design Studio. It's where you'll explore and select all of the personalized details of your home.

At the Estridge Design Studio, we'll assign one of our talented design consultants to guide you through the process of planning and selecting the features and details of your new home — room by room. During your appointments at the Estridge Design Studio, our designers will guide you through the entire personalization process, from helping you identify your style to selecting the products that fit your budget.

The Fun Begins

Building a home is exciting and rewarding. Selecting the features and finishes for your new home will help you to create a home that is truly unique. Before the selections begin, however, there are a few things you can do to prepare for your first design studio meeting.

Visit one of our decorated model homes.

Even though you may have been to one of our models previously, please take a second look. Take some time to look closely at the details and finishes. Our professionally decorated model homes showcase many of the design options available at our Estridge Design Studio.

Visiting our model home is a great way to see finishes in context. Walking through our decorated model homes, you’ll see a wide variety of options and gain inspiration for the style you want for your new home.

Next, gather samples.

Online resources such as Pinterest and Houzz make it easy to collect and sort samples of styles you like. Other options include magazines, photographs, books, paint chips, and fabric samples — all of which can be useful in making your selections.

Start gathering these ideas and bring them with you to your design studio selection appointment.


Making Selections

Does the idea of making selections excite you? It should! But, if the idea of selecting the details for your home sounds overwhelming, fear not. We’ll assist you in making selections and will guide you every step of the way. It is important to remember that we’re here to help you create the home of your dreams.

Exterior Selections

Many of your exterior choices depend upon the home design you select. You will, however, have an opportunity to select some of the exterior features such as paint color palette, brick or stone style and color, shingle/roof color and types, shutters, siding and much more.

Selections come in a number of styles, shapes and tones to help you add the right personality and charm to transform your outdoor living spaces into anything but ordinary.

Interior Selections

It all starts with a design theme. Think of your design theme as a plot to a story. At the Estridge Design Studio, you’ll add the details and characters that turn your home into the story of your life. And as any writer will tell you, when beginning to create a story, it is best to start with big ideas. For design, that means asking yourself:

  • How does your furniture and décor fit into your new home?
  • How would you define your design style… traditional? … modern? … eclectic?
  • What kind of feeling do you wish to create… casual? … elegant? … rustic?
  • How wear-resistant should your home be? Will you entertain lots of family and friends on a frequent basis?
  • How does technology integrate into your life? What kinds of technology will you need or want in different areas of your home?
  • How does your family like to spend time together at home?

We're here to help
We strive to make the process of creating your home easy and enjoyable. The Estridge Design Studio offers you a place to explore many options for interior and exterior features. We’re here to help you find and select customizations that are right for you.