Our Sales Team
Blake Lofgren   

Neighborhood: Anderson Hall

Consultant at the Cottage Collection

As a new home sales consultant I get to do what I love every day, interact with people from all walks of life. Having grown up in a military family I understand the importance of the Home and look forward to helping more families find the perfect Estridge design to call their Home.

Brandon Ortiz   

Neighborhood: Anderson Hall

Assistant at the Cottage, Springmill & Tarkington Collection

Tasha Swetnam   

Neighborhood: Anderson Hall

Consultant at the Springmill & Tarkington Collection

A little over 15 years ago I made the decision to get involved in the exciting world of new home building and it was the best decision I have ever made! Watching neighborhoods come to life and helping people build the home of their dreams is the greatest feeling in the world.

Working for Estridge Homes is a privilege because I know we deliver the quality homes and neighborhoods that I would want to live in with my family. I have been a Fishers resident for nearly 18 years and am lucky to have a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful daughters.

Andrea Lougheed   

Neighborhood: Flat Fork, The Lakes

Real Estate is my passion. For over a decade I have helped families build true custom homes, designing every nook and cranny, as well as newer home buyers purchasing for the very first time. I volunteer at Habitat for Humanity whenever I am able. To me, there is nothing more personal than a home, it is where you hold the things most precious to you. I do not take this position lightly, purchasing a home can be the biggest financial decision a person makes in their life. That is why I chose to sell homes for Estridge. I know that I am helping clients build their dream home as well as make a sound investment.

Mike Estridge   

Neighborhood: Harmony

Consultant at the Cottage & Irvington Collection

April Yvette Sedun   

Neighborhood: Harmony, West Haven

Consultant at the Cottage & Irvington Collection

I love meeting and building friendships with awesome people like YOU! That's what I enjoy most about my work as a sales consultant at Estridge Homes. I'm at Harmony and West Haven. After I appeared on ABC's TV show "Shark Tank", I sold out of my product and stepped into the next chapter of my life. This incredible journey led me to working with Estridge Homes, writing books, motivational speaking, and teaching workshops for Realtors. I'm grateful for my 20 year successful career in sales and marketing. Most importantly, I believe we are all powerful creators and we CAN create a life we love including owning a beautiful home where we experience more "joy moments" with our family and friends. I think that's the real meaning of life. Please call or email me any time. I look forward to meeting you!

Stacy Swetnam   

Neighborhood: Harmony

Consultant at the Cottage & Irvington Collection

I have been fortunate to help hundreds of families find and build the home of their dreams over the past 13 years. I truly believe that if you do what is right by practicing the Golden Rule in life and business, everyone wins. I have a passionate and heartfelt drive to serve my buyers' best interests and am dedicated to finding the perfect home fit for them. I grew up in Indiana and am excited about Estridge's dedication to creating true neighborhoods with a focus on architecture that is unique to this area. I am truly blessed to be a part of one of this area's only hometown builder companies.

Elliot Voge   

Neighborhood: Harmony

Consultant at the Kessler & Hamilton Collection

I am excited that my career is with a local company building some of the finest homes in Hamilton County. Estridge gives me the opportunity to get involved in the growth and development of communities on a personal level, getting to know each person I interact with as an individual. I am thrilled to be part of something as rewarding as building new homes for families to grow and thrive.

Alex Poley   

Neighborhood: West Haven

As a former PGA Professional, I was fortunate to develop my passion for delivering only the highest levels of customer service. I am thrilled to be a New Home Sales Consultant with Estridge Homes because we are able to exceed expectations through providing new home buyers with an outstanding building experience and a home they will truly value for many years to come.

Matt Moore   

Neighborhood: Flat Fork, The Lakes

Having been in positions that require the utmost attention to detail for the past 10 years, I am thrilled to be a part of the Estridge team. Developing relationships are my number one focus which makes my career a perfect fit. Helping people find and achieve their dream home is truly an honor. I look forward to going above and beyond any expectations that people have and also making building their home a fun and easy process.

Jill Mullen - Designer at The Estridge Design Studio   

My passion is to help homeowners to explore and choose design elements to create a home that reflects their unique style and personality. The Estridge Design Studio showcases many options that will help you visualize your space and personalize your home, and I will guide you every step of the way to assist in creating a home that fits your style of living and budget.

Sarah Stamper - Director of Custom Sales   

Homes are my passion and I love to meet new people. Putting the two together creates a job I am so fortunate to do every single day.

I am committed to providing a great experience for our customers from beginning to end. Communication and details are key in building a new home and I will work very hard to ensure that the home of your dreams becomes a reality.